Why we're the new global standard

It's quite simple. At Viewcast we do things differently. It's just better. One-to-one is not the answer for Internet TV and if it's one-to-many you are going to need a SMARTcast. It's the only way to reach millions without having to outspend a middle-sized country to pay for required streaming infrastructure.

The only solution that will work and truly scale is a protocol-wrapped, tree-based infrastructure, which supports Multipoint architecture, combined with parallel bi-directional feedback in the same protocol. This is the very definition of SMARTcast. 

Viewcast has been working on the problems of Multipoint Internet communications for many years in anticipation of this very "moment in time." SMART technology layers on top of vanilla multipoint Internet protocols (IP Anycast IP Multicast) and makes it possible to scale to the scope and dimension of broadcast television while providing the security, reliability and feedback that has been missing from legacy Multipoint Internet. 

In short; Viewcast technology has better metrics than broadcast television. SMARTcast is the future; and the future is now!

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