Change is inevitable. the very premise of life as we know it comes from this principle. The world was a very different place when the internet was created. Think of the internet as a combustion engine. Super high-tech these days, but based on an old principle. The internet was not made to handle the vast amounts of data in the way it is currently being delivered to us. As live streaming has exploded in recent times flaws become ever more apparent. When the EU asks Netflix and Disney to drop resolutions in order not to break the internet, you know something needs to change. 

Our solution is to make a broadcast Internet that is secure, reliable, and accountable for any size audience. A more intelligent platform that can be used for all 'backbone' communications, accommodating the plethora of computing devices which are in use today. Such devices will be used with continuing expansion for Internet television and ultimately will replace television itself.

At present our network has servers on two continents, with ample capacity for massive audiences.

Simply stated, Viewcast’s unique technologies enhance existing Internet systems by providing a much more efficient method of delivering Internet Protocol (IP) transmissions between their source and multiple end-users. ViewCast’s software platform is applicable to any large-scale data distribution systems and is equally suitable to both wired and wireless environments.

Our software uses existing telecommunications infrastructures to send one video or data source to potentially millions of end users simultaneously. Additionally, Viewcast takes advantage of the Internet's existing bidirectional communication capability, using it to add reliability to the broadcast and add audience measurement, quality of service and return of statistical data used for near-real-time analytical analysis. This combination yields a significant advantage over any methods that are in use today.

Viewcast’s software enables the evolution of Internet television transmissions accommodating diverse global viewing practices. Viewcast’s flexible technology gives incentive to leverage telecommunications operators’ infrastructure by reducing their inherent capacity limits, and both seamlessly and efficiently enabling virtually unlimited IP video screens to reach, and better meet, the worldwide TV audience demand.

Because Viewcast does not require the implementation of expensive proprietary hardware, the economic benefits gained by Viewcast’s software solution are significant compared to costlier hardware-constricted methods. Devices from TV set-top boxes, networked HDTVs, tablets and smart phones are now all within reach without development of costly device plugins. Viewcast's technology will help broadcasters boost revenues, reduce costs, and provide them with the competitive advantage needed to succeed in today’s quickly changing environment.

Viewcast specialises in distribution of real time media to mass audiences. Basically, we can distribute media like no other, at very low cost. Which means that you don’t need 100 million dollars to be able to handle 3 million concurrent viewers. Just call us.

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