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Any stream, feed, video or tv channel broadcast via the internet share the same pitfalls. When everybody watches the same thing at the same time the amount of bandwidth needed goes through the roof. In all current (not Viewcast) systems the one-to-one way of delivery incurs a huge stress on all networks involved.

When using social media, you have no control. Bandwidth is changed when needed, content can get dampened (silenced) without warning. Practically none of the ad-earnings from your content comes back to you. Why would you even bother?

We have all heard about world famous DJ and producer David Guetta. He did a stream on social media. His own page, his own music. Fb's algorithms muted his sound anyway. Due to a very restrictive deal with various big companies in the music industry Fb has installed a Shazam-like algorithm which mutes music if it decides you don't have the rights to it. Well meant, poorly conceived.

With Viewcast's SMART(p) technology you have the capacity to reach the entire world from your own website without needing to pay insane amounts for bandwidth.

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