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For television broadcasters who want to broadcast on the Internet, large audiences actually cause disruptively high operational expenses. The cost of Internet television servers, infrastructure, and associated operational expenditures, force broadcasters to impose subscriptions impacting potential audience and profits.

All of this is because the Internet ‘pipes’ for television broadcasts work like placing individual telephone calls to each and every viewer. The more viewers, the more phone calls. This is extremely inefficient to accomplish an ad supported broadcast. Essentially, discounting “land grabs”, it breaks the model.

Viewcast is the brand name for SMART(p) technology that enables the business metrics of legacy broadcast. but for Internet infrastructure. Viewcast’s SMART(p) provides for an inexpensive secure, reliable, and accountable Internet television transmission for any size audience.


Viewcast's technology uniquely allows operators to livestream to massive audiences at fractional cost and unprecedented bandwith capability. Pay-per-view for festivals, in UHD or VR. This is very easily scalable to a truly global level. Viewcast's servers can handle any audience. Fast, secure, reliable, dirt-cheap, and with real-time viewer stats. Turn your website into a proper portal with real global reach without having to rely on kludgey connections or social media.


Streaming sites, such as Netflix, Disney+ and Red Bull TV are delivering Internet VOD (Video On Demand) streams to their subscribers. This continues saturating the available bandwidth of both operators and their customers alike. The current techniques, used for video and data delivery, are very different from the way Viewcast operates, because they usually require a separate signal for each and every end-user. This is not only expensive, but also causes network congestion and other serious problems for the telecommunications industries and the Internet infrastructure in general. Our patented one-to-many method of delivery with SMART(p) technology has proven to be both an elegant and ultimate solution.


Viewcast's SMART(p) technology works on all systems. Multicast (one-to-many) is the future for streaming games. Twich and Youtube Live are fighting over gamers and vloggers in order to gain marketshare. The problem is that in Unicast (one-to-one),which is what they are using, the bigger the audience the bigger the strain on their network. In essence they are creating their own problems. Especially with gaming low latency is key to a good gaming experience. Viewcast has solved this problem.

New opportunities

Here at Viewcast we love new ideas and possibilities. The entire world said 'it can't be done'. We did it anyway. This attitude is part of our core values. New opportunities from our customers and partners offer unique ways to diversify. We love to think outside the box to help find solutions. Please get in touch if you have a proposal.

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